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Fireworks Shows to light up Southern California skies

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There is no better way to help celebrate America’s 238th birthday than with fireworks, at one of the many waterfront pyrotechnics shows scheduled throughout Southern California on the Fourth of July.

Boaters will have the best vantage points for viewing these aerial displays. However, those preparing to head out for the festivities are advised to plan accordingly, as the number of boaters on the water will increase dramatically on July 4.

Along with advising boaters to get to local harbors before the crowds start to gather, Southern California harbor patrols have also issued advisories covering areas that boaters must stay clear of during fireworks displays. Boaters should be aware of these exclusion zones before they hit the water.

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Coast Guard proposes removal of Marina del Rey anchorage

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By: John W. Scafetta

MARINA DEL REY—The Coast Guard, under the direction of the Department of Homeland Security, recently submitted a proposal to disestablish the special anchorage located at the north end of the main channel in Marina del Rey.

In a docket posted on the Federal Register, the agency said several marina expansion projects have encroached upon the anchorage. The anchorage area remains reserved for yachts and other recreational crafts during emergencies.

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Disabled Sailor Discovers Love of Water Through Challenged America

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SAN DIEGO — Paralyzed from the underarms down since she was 15, La Jolla local Amelia Opean has often considered swimming to be the perfect sport for her. In the water, she’s light. Her upper body no longer has to work with crutches to support her weight — and she’s free.

However, this year she has found her second love on the water, in the form of sailing. With help from San Diego’s Challenged America, Opean can jibe and tack from a seated position.    Continue reading “Disabled Sailor Discovers Love of Water Through Challenged America” »

FUBAR Founder Proposes Sail Rally to Mexico

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By: Capt. Pat Rains

MARINA DEL REY — Del Rey Youth Foundation is coordinating a feasibility study for a new sailing event to be held mid-November 2014.

The cruise, for sailboats 40-feet and larger, would start in San Diego and end at Barra de Navidad in the heart of Mexico’s “Gold Coast” cruising grounds. The rally would make stops along the way — at Ensenada, Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo and other ports with secure marinas. Continue reading “FUBAR Founder Proposes Sail Rally to Mexico” »

The Women of the San Salvador

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Eager volunteers work long hours recreating Cabrillo’s galleon at Spanish Landing

The Maritime Museum of San Diego is building a $5 million replica of San Salvador, the galleon Cabrillo guided here in 1542 when he became the first European to explore what is today known as San Diego Bay. The museum has dedicated a construction site for the ship which was donated by the San Diego Port District on public land at Spanish Landing, 2 miles from where its main collection of historic vessels are docked on North Harbor Drive.

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Living Aboard Your Boat

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Living Aboard Your Boat by Steve Curran

photo-Curran-H2A frequently asked question for our customers is living aboard boats. As so many of us are getting near the retirement years but still remain healthy and vital, more and more people are thinking about cruising or spending more time on their boat, or getting a new or larger one, during this part of their lives. With the kids gone and less work, it seems time for a “tack”, a new change and way of life. Some talk of cruising, spending the winters in Mexico or farther. Others want to remain more local but want simplicity or to be closer to nature. Continue reading “Living Aboard Your Boat” »

Brown includes $16.17 Million in Budget Proposal for Boating Facility Projects

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SACRAMENTO (LOG NEWS SERVICE) — Gov. Jerry Brown Jan. 9 proposed a $154.9 billion “total state funds” budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1 that includes $16.17 million for public boating facility loans and grants.

The $16.17 million — $7.9 million for small craft harbor loans and $8.27 million for public launching facility grants — would be appropriated from the state’s Harbors and Watercraft Revolving Fund (HWRF) and is included Continue reading “Brown includes $16.17 Million in Budget Proposal for Boating Facility Projects” »

Subdivision of Mexican IRS Releases Boats to Americans

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MEXICO — At least 10 of 338 boats that were impounded by the SAT (Mexico’s IRS), since December 2013, have been released, according to a boat owner whose vessel was impounded by the Mexican agency. The boats released Monday, Jan. 13 from Island Global Yachting (IGY) Cabo San Lucas Marina were part of a short list of vessels whose owners had their proper documents, including their original Temporary Importation Permits (MTIPS) in order and available.

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San Diego Bay Parade of Lights, Dec 8 & 15

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The San Diego Bay Parade of Lights is a time-honored holiday tradition brought to San Diego by the boating community.

Join us this December for our annual Parade on San Diego Bay, with more than 80 boats lavishly decorated according to a new theme each year.

The San Diego Bay Parade of Lights is held two consecutive Sundays each year in  December. The Parade  proceeds from Shelter Island past Harbor Island, the Embarcadero, Seaport  Village, and Ferry Landing in Coronado. Continue reading “San Diego Bay Parade of Lights, Dec 8 & 15” »