Pat Nolan – Alameda

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photo_patnolanWith tons of experience as a racing helmsman, cruiser and powerboater, Pat brings a wide variety of knowledge to our team. Pat has sailed across the Atlantic several times and has gone back and forth to Mexico many times as well, most recently on his Pacemaker 48 Sportfisher. Pat started out his racing career when he bought a J 42 and did the ocean series outside San Francisco bay.

After winning the ocean series Pat then upped the ante and bought a J 125 which he drove to a win in the St. Francis Big Boat Series. He also set the elapsed time record for the Vallejo Race which still stands. Currently Pat owns a J 100 that he day sails and fun races on the bay. Pat is also very active at the St. Francis Yacht Club, he was chairman of the board in 2008 and is now happily a Staff Commodore having just completed his three years thru the chairs.

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