Sean Smith – San Diego

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Sean-SmithSean Smith grew up boating with his family and brings sail-making experience with Ullman Sails to the Cruising Yachts team in San Diego. Sean is a knowledgeable resource for new sail production, sail care, trim and repair. In his time at Ulllman Sails he has worked hands on to develop racing programs as well as offshore sail inventories for cruising customers.

Experienced in racing sailboats from 20-50 feet, Sean continues to actively race and cruise in Southern California and Mexico. He knows each of the positions on a race boat well and oddly enough enjoys being a bowman…

When he is not on the water Sean enjoys spending time with his wildly energetic nephew and family and going to ski resorts in the winter. An interesting fact about Sean is that he doesn’t always drink beer, but when he does, he prefers IPA’s to Dos Equis… Sean is known for his ability to listen to the needs of his clientele and completely deliver his promises. Working in the industry he is passionate about, he is pleased to be contacted any day or night to assist with questions or concerns. Whether you prefer sailing, powerboating, racing or cruising, with Sean you will be able to share your passion for being on the water.

Sean SmithContact Sean at: (909) 556-4272 or

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