Testimonial from Caliber 40 Owner

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We wanted to tell you about the wonderful experience we had buying our new sailboat from Cruising Yachts and, in particular, in working with John Kuony in your Alameda office.

John was fantastic to work with and was completely willing to proceed at a pace that suited us. In working with John over a couple of years time we decided on a Caliber as the right boat for us and, from that point on, you would have thought that John was buying his own Caliber. He had many good suggestions and when he accompanied us on a tour of the Caliber factory we felt that he was going over a checklist of items for his own boat. The owner of Caliber remarked that he had never met a broker as detailed and particular as John.

The bottom line is that John is a rare gem and the type of person that doesn’t come along very often. He is a fantastic salesman – and now a good friend.

Alan & Elizabeth Baggs

Owner, Caliber 40 LRC

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